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Important Things to Remember Before Purchasing a Pressure Washer Trailer

High Pressure

Efficiency is of utmost importance when it comes to professional pressure washing, according to research, the market for pressure washer trailers has seen consistent expansion since 2020 and is predicted to do so until 2027, underscoring their significance.

As in this example, investing in a solid pressure washer trailer and essential equipment is paramount if your investment is to succeed. Take this blog as your purchasing guide; continue reading to gain more understanding of these trailers.

What Are the Characteristics of Effective Pressure Washer Trailers? Pressure washer trailers vary widely. To achieve quick and efficient results quickly and efficiently, opt for one equipped with a hot water burner – hot water can accelerate the breakdown process of organic matter and grime, leading to faster results than power washing alone (using heat makes all the difference!) while pure pressure washing does not employ it.

Reels Are Essential Components, Used To Securely Wrap And Unwrap Washer Hose Before Use

Hand-cranked pressure washer reels remain by far the most popular. While electric and spring-driven models are also available, hand-cranked reels remain popular due to their manual winding functionality and can save space in storage spaces. Although manual winding reels may work best if your hose length exceeds 6 meters.

Consider carefully how the features of your trailer affect you when choosing pressure washing supplies and tool storage. Your trailer should provide safe parking at your workplace while protecting against unexpected events that might cause theft of goods.

Consider what type of driving you plan on doing as well; highway travel requires full-size wheels with sufficient tread depth, while safety features like LED lighting and breakaway brakes should also be part of the plan.

Many pressure washers do not include trailers; however, most come equipped with specially made 10-gauge steel trailers. If you already own one of these trailers and wish to mount the unit yourself could save both time and money.

Since 2001, Jetwave Power Wash Trailers Have Offered Customized Service and Experience. Their commitment is unwavering as they specialize in offering only high quality trailer mounted power wash systems at factory direct prices to clients.

Due to our equipment’s excellent performance, serviceability, and reliability, over 2500 units have already been deployed worldwide – we extend our gratitude to each and every client entrusting them with their trailer wash systems! They take great pride in offering personalized attention for each client’s trailer wash system requirements!

Jetwave pressure wash trailers boast the industry’s strongest warranty. After spending decades searching and acquiring only top quality pumps, their pump system features an industrial strength V-Belt for maximum reliability and extended service life.

Before making your purchasing decision, be sure to compare any company offering power wash trailer systems with our 10-7-3 Limited Guarantee and compare its 10-year pump, 7-year coil and 3-year engine warranties!

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Considerations of Road Conditions

One key factor when selecting a trailer is which types of roads it will traverse when servicing customers. If your route includes rough terrain such as oil fields, an enclosed trailer may not be ideal as an enclosed solution may present potential safety concerns.

Your framework contains weaknesses which will cause it to flex when traversing uneven roads, potentially leading to catastrophic failure on rougher surfaces.

Modern pressure wash trailers are fairly priced. There are numerous manufacturers who produce excellent trailers. Your pressure washer trailer should arrive promptly and in great condition to allow you to launch your business as planned.

Purchase A Brand-New Trailer

A professionally built trailer should only ever be constructed by experts with expert knowledge – not by an amateur trying to wing their way through. A warranty should cover any potential problems.

One drawback to purchasing a new trailer is paying additional tax payments on such shiny products, regardless of their condition or model year.

Modern pressure wash trailers are affordably priced. Many pressure washer manufacturers provide excellent trailers that arrive promptly and in great condition – giving you more time to focus on launching your business!

Professionals will assemble your brand-new trailer. A novice may try, but only someone with extensive knowledge in trailer construction and warranty coverage should build it for you.

One drawback of purchasing a brand-new trailer is having to pay more in taxes on it. Newer, fancier trailers tend to require you to pay more taxes than older or lower priced models do.

New pressure washing trailer setups tend to cost more than their used counterparts, as their value drops upon leaving the lot; however, many individuals find the benefits outweigh their expenses.

Jetwave pressure wash trailers boast the industry’s strongest warranty. After spending decades searching and acquiring only top quality pumps, their pump system features an industrial strength V-Belt for maximum reliability and extended service life.

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Final Thoughts:

The most common pressure washer reels are still those that can be manually turned. Despite the availability of electric and spring-driven variants, hand-cranked reels are still preferred since they allow for manual winding and can free up space in storage areas. Although if your hose length is longer than 6 metres, manual winding reels might work best.

When selecting pressure washing supplies and equipment storage, be sure to carefully consider how the features of your caravan will effect you. Your caravan should offer secure parking at your place of business while guarding against unforeseen circumstances that could result in product theft.

Take into account the type of driving you intend to undertake; highway travel necessitates full-size wheels with adequate tread depth, and safety features like LED illumination and breakaway brakes are to be considered as well.

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