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What Features Are Necessary For Taxi Booking Apps in 2023?

Technology is the name of convenience; people are so dependent on it that they can not imagine a life in a world where there is no technology.

Considering the number of advancements in technology in the past few years, taxi booking apps are the best. It has made lives easier and simpler, gone are the days when people used to walk miles just to catch a bus and taxi. 

Now all you need is to download an app from the app stores, sign up add your details and you are good to go. However, some booking apps lack features that should be a part of such applications. As a result, people instantly delete them since they find the app useless. 

So, if you are a developer of such booking apps then make sure that your application has these features. You will only get to know about what the public is demanding if the app development company conducts user-centric research. 

Many companies are running successful taxi booking applications and have millions of downloads. Companies like Uber, Wingz, Cabify, Lyft, Ola Cabs, and many more on the list have amazing features and can be downloaded on both; Android and IOS. So, if you want to know how to make app like Uber in Android, then consider reaching out to professional developers from well-known companies. 

Coming towards the features, the below-mentioned features should be added to all booking apps so that people can easily book an app without any hassle. 

  • Easy Sign-Up

So, starting with the sign-up is the foremost step after downloading the application. Some applications have unnecessary forms and authentication processes that people do not prefer to fill. 

Creating an account should be done in one go without having to fill in questions. So, it becomes a necessity to offer a feature that allows the users to have an engaging experience.

Since sign-up is the first interaction that users interact with, make the page user-friendly and appealing. Allow the users to instantly sign up by adding their contacts and automatically fed OTPs. Next, allow them to integrate their social media accounts as well. 

  • Multilingual 

Ride-booking apps are also used by tourists so there might be a chance that they are not aware of English, so make the application multilingual making it easier for foreigners to use it well. 

Making the app multilingual expands its reach and brings in more audiences. So, after signing up for the app, they will look for how to change the language and switch to theirs. 

  • Advanced GPS

Next comes the location, it is obvious that no booking app can work without a location. Usually, the applications have a slow GPS tracking system that makes fetching the captain of the ride a hassle. 

GPS tracking should be fast so that rides can be booked fast, Also it helps the driver to fetch the addresses without having to call the ride again and again. 

The faster the driver locates the location the easier it gets for them to make more and more rides. On top of this, let the users save the locations because at times you are just in a hurry and all you want is to quickly tap and go.

  • Easy Payment Methods 

Thirdly, multiple payment options should be integrated into the application so that users can have the liberty of paying in whatever method suits them. 

Many people do not carry cash with them because they might lose it somewhere. So, what they prefer is paying through cards. Applications should be integrated with e-wallets such as PayPal and Amazon Pay, and accept master cards and visa cards too. 

Moreover, the more card options are available the higher the rating of the applications. From a user’s perspective, a ride-booking app is for the convenience of the people so it has to have all kinds of payment methods. 

  • Cancel And Confirm Rides

Fourthly, a confirm and cancel feature would allow the users to instantly cancel the ride. At times, users tap the confirm option by mistake, so canceling it becomes a hassle as not all the applications have swift canceling options. 

Besides, there should be no cancellation fees, and for that, there should be a timer set so that during that time users can cancel the ride. 

  • Voice Input System 

Another feature that should be considered is Voice input, as there are some uneducated or you can say far from technology type of users. So having a Voice input will allow them to just use their voice to book the ride. 

This is one of the best features any ride-booking app should have.

  • Tracking

After booking the ride, the user might want to track their ride so having a tracking feature will allow them to know where the driver is.

  • Review And Ratings 

Lastly, adding a review and rating feature will allow the users to rate the drivers. It should be available for both the user and the driver because there are some rude users who misbehave with drivers. So, to make sure they are not allowed for future bookings, a simple review about them will help the drivers to never face any annoying and rude users. 


So, to sum up the blog, this was all about the features that make any ride booking app successful and gets millions of download due to the latest features. 

What Features Are Necessary For Taxi Booking Apps in 2023?

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