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What Is Graphic Design and Its Value in Marketing

Do you want to know what graphic design is and what its value is in digital marketing?

At Market Boom we help you learn what design is and the importance of a graphic design career. And of course, the most important thing that cannot be left aside: what is its value in digital marketing.

Defining what design is being not an easy task at all due to all its elements. However, we could define it as art that uses visual elements to convey the message of a project. Design is key in creating visual pieces that convey a message to a specific audience. The graphic arts professional has studied precisely to achieve this. Designers have studied a career and taken graphic design courses to specialize in managing all the visual elements associated with their profession.

Study of color psychologytypographyimage editinglogo creationdefinition of visual concepts and business identities… This is just what these design experts handle. And they use all this to work together with marketing strategists and create advertising pieces that impact and attract the public.


The history of graphic design is very extensive. Autobiography ghostwriter have been present since the beginning of humanity. And the rock paintings found in caves from ancient times speak of the expression of art in man. However, it would take many years for true graphic design practices to begin.

During the time of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-15th century, some of the beginnings of graphic design occurred. Although it was not until some centuries later; At the end of the 11th century and the beginning of the 20th century, its true consolidation would begin.

The most notable years in the evolution of design are the 1920s when Art Deco emerged. But in the 1930s it was very negatively affected by the Great Depression. In the 1940s, the war environment around the world influenced graphic arts, turning it into an element of war propaganda and then in the 1950s entering a period of post-war modernism.

In the 60s, design entered into a contrast between modernism and psychedelic, while Pop – Retro marked the 70s. The internet reached the world in the 80s. And with it, the graphic arts underwent an immense evolution to later impose on 90s, a minimalist style that can be seen in the pieces from that time and that continued into the early 2000s.

The trends in the graphic design career point from 2000 to the current 2020 to the return of minimalism and branding. Transmitting a graphic message that reaches the public directly and that the information is received clearly is the current trend. And now we seek to combine the strength of design with digital marketing strategies.

The advantages of online graphic design for your company

Online graphic design has incredible value for a company. Every business must have a corporate identity. And part of this identity is made up of the visual element.

Graphic arts have the power to help you define the identity of your company. The creation of a logo is an essential factor so that you are identified and remembered by all the people who know your business.

The choice of colors for your corporate image also has a lot of weight if you want your potential clients to perceive you successfully. Color psychology has a lot of weight when it comes to influencing the public and creating emotional connections with them. A bad choice of tones could even make people dislike your company! And there is nothing worse than seeing a company with a lot of potential lose customers because of a bad logo or a poor choice of colors in its image.

In addition, graphic design practices also include working in conjunction with digital marketing. In recent years, design and online marketing have worked hand in hand to develop advertising strategies.

The graphic arts have had a great weight in the creation of advertising material of all kinds. Digital advertising and the joint application of offline strategies related to design such as flyers and Roll Up can help position your business following current trends and then hire a script writer. Conveying your business values, connecting with your audience, creating a memorable image and even completely transforming your social networks is part of what design can achieve.

There is really a lot to study in graphic design for your company. Knowing the value of design will allow you to apply joint digital marketing strategies that will completely transform your business.

Market Boom Graphic Design Services

Market Boom offers you complete graphic design services for your company.

We are a digital marketing agency in Sabadell that has marketing professionals who work hand in hand with a team of the best graphic designers. We have an entire graphic design portfolio to offer you in services:

  • We create logosthat identify your company as unique among your competitors.
  • We have flyer services, video flyers, business cards, Roll Up and much more.
  • Web graphic designis also part of our portfolio. Because every website must have visual elements that make it attractive to its users.
  • We create pieces that can be included in online marketing strategiesto attract customers.
  • We work with animations and illustrations.
  • We develop graphic contentfor your social networks.

Our graphic arts professionals handle various tools such as Adobe PhotoshopAdobe SuiteAdobe InDesignAdobe PremiereAdobe EffectsAdobe IllustratorCorelDraw3DSBlender and Gimp.

So tell us what graphic design service your company needs. A logo? Business cards? Video Flyers? No matter what graphic piece you need, contact us and at Market Boom we will design it for you!


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